Proteasix a Web-based Tool

Proteasix is an open-source peptide-centric tool that can be used to predict in silico the proteases involved in naturally occurring peptide generation. The objective is to facilitate linking of identified protein fragments to predicted protease activity, and therefore into presumed mechanisms of disease. Experiments are needed to confirm the in silico hypotheses; nevertheless, this approach may be of great help to better understand molecular mechanisms of disease, and define new biomarkers, and therapeutic targets. More information

Proteasix reuses information from MEROPS - the Peptidase Database; BRENDA - the Enzyme nomenclature database; and UniProtKB - the UniProt Knowledgebase.

Proteasix is being developed in collaboration between the Renal Fibrosis Laboratory at INSERM, France and the Bio-health Informatics Group at the University of Manchester, UK.